This was my very first attempt at writing a manuscript. It was a very difficult, yet, rewarding experience. At first, coming to terms with the fact that I was about to expose all of my vulnerabilities to the world was hard to digest. After much thought and digging deep inside of myself, I realized that I could not pursue my life passion if I didn't put myself out there. 

My dream is to provide a safe forum for other divorced parents to come together, learn and grow so that all of our children have the opportunity to have a better childhood and a more stable adulthood. My "no way will my children suffer any longer" desire was stronger than my fear of exposing my intimate details to the world. 

I sincerely hope that not only you enjoy the read but that it also helps you get passed your divorce challenges.

WHY DID RAVIT,  a mom with no writing experience, DECIDE TO WRITE THIS BOOK?

This Book is Ideal for you:

Unwanted Nasty Divorces

amicable divorce with children, the great divorce book, how to have an amicable divorce

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amicable divorce with children, the great divorce book, how to have an amicable divorce


●  Who is Ravit Rose?


●  Is Ravit a Lawyer?

​●  Why Did She Write a Book?


"We all need guides when we are called upon to navigate uncharted territory. Divorce is very common in our society but also a mystery to most, because every divorce is personal and experiences, except for friends, go unshared. This book will guide you through the myriad of hurdles you will encounter and expose the stupidity, the frustration, the successes and more during and after divorce. This is your guide." - Murray Sherriffs, Eastern Canada radio personality

amicable divorce with children, the great divorce book, how to have an amicable divorce

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After her own separation, Ravit Rose was tormented by the constant struggle to get her life back on track. Faced with one challenge after another, she felt terrified, alone and desperate for answers. Determined to survive the experience and thrive, Ravit spent years soul searching, and transformed herself into a smarter and happier woman with a clear vision on her life purpose and hopeful about her future. Today, she is passionate about empowering others to crush the pain of nasty divorces and achieve their own happy ending. Not only is lack of proper healing a major stumbling block for many parents, she discovered, but, the ultimate result is detrimental to their families' lives. Her revolution has sparked a dialogue to change the way you experience divorce and give you the boost you need to get out of the rut.

Based on Ravit's own story and those of hundreds of divorced mothers, this book exposes the common patterns as well as the raw truth of divorce, including:

• The family law justice system, and why it's not what you expect

• How your divorce is affecting those closest to you

• How and why you want to divorce the right way

• How to kickstart the healing process

The book's message is simple: You can overcome the pain to live the life you deserve if you understand the unpredictable and risky game of family courts and know how to play your cards right with a difficult ex.

This book is a one-of-a-kind guidebook that lists the main Do’s and definite Do NOT’s that will help you to steer clear from the pointless and never-ending battles and wars. You will be thrilled at your new knowledge that will give you back your boost and empower you to make the decisions that are right for your life and for your children’s future. Your struggles will end once you come to understand how and why you should hold more control over your life. If you feel like something is holding you back from surviving your divorce journey and you are aching for the answers to re-energize your life because you have lost your power and are tired and have had enough of your difficulties, these pages provide the insight and inspiration to carve the path that you want for you and your family.

Ravit exposes the truth about nasty divorces.

Do you know how to play this risky game?

Are you aware of how quickly your divorce can switch into a vindictive, vengeful one?

(Hint... if you don't, this is why you are suffering and 'losing')








 1. I found common patterns that plague Mothers and Fathers: everyone's suffering is the same regardless of where they live or the respective laws. I felt the need to expose these to the world so that people know that they are not alone by offering support to help heal those wounded hearts and souls and, to give hope that a better life is possible and on its way.

  2. Mothers and Fathers don't understand each other: this contributes to MANY useless fights that greatly affect the true victims, their innocent children.

 3. To protect my children and yours and future generations: by demanding TRUE "justice" and "proper" healing/therapy. This also applies to those who are happily married- have you considered the importance of your child  marrying someone who is NOT traumatized by a nasty divorce?

  4. To put an end to the epidemic of nasty divorces that is needlessly crippling parents: financially, physically and psychologically.

  5. To encourage people to come out of their hiding and quiet suffering and start   sharing their stories.

  6. In the meantime, to be YOUR voices and help end those sleepless nights and anxieties.

  7. To call out to the Quebec Ministry of Justice and Justin Trudeau, a family man above all, to make Canada a great country by helping people flourish personally and professionally after their divorce.

  8. To educate people on how and why their nasty divorce games will NOT take them  anywhere good today or tomorrow. But it will guarantee one thing: enormous debt and wasted year!

  9. To empower people with the tools and therapy required to heal, learn and MOVE  ON!

  10. To show the powers that be that there are more advantages to protect the TRUE victims, rather than the litigation attorneys.

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If you are contemplating taking the plunge into             the world of divorce or are newly separated,  DO        NOT make a move until you read this book!

● If you have experienced an amicable divorce and         would like to show people how this IS possible.

● If you are close to anyone who is getting                      separated or divorced and think you may have all      the answers based on "reality", then you may be   steering them in the wrong direction.

● If you are a therapist of any sort and have programs      that can help others.

●  If you are a humane lawyer and want to see           change in the justice system.