Ravit will assist you to avoid a messy situation or help you get out of it, hopefully without stepping foot in court. Why? Because she hates hearing how families' lives are torn apart by unnecessary and repeated litigation. 

As a neutral party, she helps you find realistic solutions.

If required, she may refer you to the appropriate professional. 

Whatever stage of your divorce you are at, she is here to help. She has been down this nasty divorce path. She knows it all too well.

Pick her brain-  she possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience. 


Very few people know the "secret" to divorcing the RIGHT way: that it all starts with surrounding yourself with a dream team who know how to get you through this process without spending a fortune in legal fees. 

When working with Ravit Rose, not only will you benefit from her personal experience and professional expertise,  you can expect out-of-the box thinking and strategies unique to your divorce and your families needs. 

Divorce Coaching is about moving from where you are today (confused, overwhelmed, stressed, unhappily married)

to where you want to be (calm, centered, joyful, happily single).

As your Coach, Ravit will help you to: 

✓ Accept your situation (aka your new "reality")
✓ Take back control you may have lost somewhere along the way
✓ Make sense of the divorce process (sometimes known as the "game")
✓ Regain your strength
✓ Redefine who you would like to be and what you want your divorce to look like so that you can reach your end goal: your new life. 

Ravit is not a therapist- she doesn't attempt to "fix" anyone or dive into your past hurts.

Instead, her focus is on getting you onto your path towards your future.

Ravit's guarantee: She will be with you every step of the way to keep your stress down to a bare minimum, make sure you keep your eye on the target and not allow your emotions to sabotage your life. With my guidance, you will stay out of the unnecessary drama, the looping sagas and the common patterns that plague many families. 

Best of all, as your only neutral sounding board and support system, you will never feel alone.

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Here are some ideas of what Ravit will do for you:

- Contemplating divorce and you are afraid... don't know where to start?

- Let's discuss and evaluate your legal options- which method are you most comfortable with?

- The fighting is getting out of hand and you want to understand

why it's happening and want realistic solutions on how to end it?

- Need to vent with someone who understands you better than anyone else does?

- The other parent is playing dirty and you don't know what to do?

You know you need help but you don't know where to start?

- Need help rebuilding your finances or getting out of debt?

- Looking to buy /sell a property or rent ?

We offer flexible pricing to meet all your needs. Contact us for your free, no obligation consultation.

Ravit will offer you realistic options.

You decide what to do next. The ball is in your court.


Let's review the pros and cons of your 3 legal options: Mediation, Litigation and the CO2 Program. You owe yourself to know your options before you start any proceeding.

I don't want to waste your time and money or mine. I am efficient and offer effective solutions. 

Please fill out the form in as much detail as possible and I will be in touch with you shortly.

I know how difficult divorce can be. As soon as I separated, I was feeling overwhelmed; my life turned upside down and my emotions were swirling around in a million different places. All this while I had to learn, adapt and accept my new life as a single mother with new responsibilities and care for my two young boys. I had no guidebook with clear how to's or a professional to set me on the proper path to moving on with my life and to guide me through each and every of my challenges.

Regardless of my family and friend's deep desire to help, I always felt that they didn't quite "get me"; even though they felt bad for me, they could not offer me realistic solutions based on my "reality". For many years, life was about trial and error and I was struggling to survive. As a result, many of the routes I took were the wrong ones.. It took me years to realize that I had to re-think all my strategies and restructure my life as a single mother.

Now, I have figured out the secrets. 

I know that all I was craving was to talk to someone who had been through the ringer and could save me years of heartache and pain. I am offering this to you now!

If you feel the need to vent because things are not going your way, your ex is making you crazy, you are constantly looking for the how and why answers, you eagerly want to move forward but keep getting sticks in your wheels, you need help navigating your highly conflictual divorce or any other matter, I am here. As a neutral party, I will go through the pros and cons of your every moves and if need be, refer you to the appropriate professional.

I offer this service to BOTH MOTHERS AND FATHERS. I "get" divorced men. I understand what triggers both sides and what will help diffuse the fire.


I am available to anyone around the world- whether at my office, by phone, SKYPE, Facebook chat or WhatsApp.

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Looking forward to speaking with you,