surviving separation and divorce is not easy but it is very much possible when following the appropriate steps to separation and divorce and using my strategies for coping with separation and divorce

There is a reason why people cringe at the word divorce. The reasons go far beyond families torn apart. Rarely is anyone ready to hear the ugly truth about how and why a divorce can easily go down a dysfunctional path; when suddenly you are faced with a series of new and unexpected life altering situations that you never imagined: How your children will be affected by your acrimonious divorce no matter how hard you try to shelter them. How you thought your divorce would involve finding solutions for the best interest of your children. How your acrimonious divorce will involve living with insurmountable debt for many years to come and you’ll need to find ways to rebuild yourself financially in order to successfully replenish your bank account.

Ravit has mastered the understanding of the realities of today's divorces: the family law justice system that plagues too many families, the art and mechanics of the nasty divorce game, people's delusional version of reality that results in choking them and the typical mistakes most people make which leads them down the nasty divorce path. Ravit is passionate about pointing out the patterns of destruction she has discovered along her journey and what others should realistically expect. She learned that educating herself was a key factor and has spent years in search for realistic explanations and answers. She also learned that although you may never have wanted the word “winning” or “losing” as part of your vocabulary, you must change how you perceive it or, you'll just have to get used to it's traditional meaning.

Ravit Rose’s personal experiences with the justice system in the province of Quebec, Canada are reflected in Unwanted Nasty Divorces. They are eerily similar however, to the realities experienced by parents around the world. Some of the laws may differ but the endless suffering is found throughout.   The common thread is that everyone wants to get past the struggle, survive for the sake of themselves and their children, and live in peace so that they can move on with their lives. While Ravit Rose hopes the current state of family law justice system shakes up and changes, in the meantime, she insists parents must empower themselves to carve the paths they want for themselves, or risk the financial burden as many will be bankrupt, on welfare or social services as they cannot possibly survive today and save for the future.

Ravit can discuss various topics with your guests. Some suggestions:

● Her personal experience and how she turned the most rotten lemons into the most refreshing lemonade

● Why people cringe at the word “divorce”

● How to play the divorce game and get out alive

● How grandparents suffer as much as the parents and why setting boundaries is critical

● Why an acrimonious divorce destroys parents in every sense of the word

● Why the current justice system is miserably failing parents

● Her experience of writing a book without any previous writing experience

● The REAL financial struggles: how an exaggerated litigious case affects the economy, parents pockets, government, education system

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Ravit Rose is a deeply devoted mom to her children. This is where her passion lives and breathes.​s

Pre-divorce, Ravit envisioned a successful career building her business dreams and actively making a contribution to her community. Her confidence and trailblazing spirit is evident in her keen work ethic and entrepreneurial acumen.  She earned her Bachelor of Commerce degree specializing in Marketing and Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management along with a Human Resources Certificate. She continued to pursue her career path from the very first day of her separation despite the fact that it was often thwarted. 

She found the emotional impact her nasty divorce was having on her and her children to be heartbreaking. Often, she felt that she didn’t understand why and how matters seemed to go wrong all the time. So she went off on an adventure to find the solutions she needed to end her struggle.

This took her to discoveries she had not expected- to common issues that affect parents around the world, regardless of the varied laws in their respective justice system. Her book briefly speaks of the Quebec Justice System as a means of comparison for her readers around the world. With the help of hundreds of other divorced parents’ stories, Ravit proudly authored her book, Unwanted Nasty Divorces, hoping everyone’s voice will encourage a chorus of others to engage in a much-needed dialogue in support of families everywhere.  More importantly, she is igniting conversations about needless suffering families face because of inconsistencies in the family justice system and how these flaws are failing families far and wide to make way for monumental change. 

10 Reasons why Ravit wrote the book, Unwanted Nasty Divorces: One Passionate Mother's quiet revolution of discovery. How to end the struggle of divorce and survive the journey.

Ravit is changing the way families worldwide divorce by varying an old and outdated mindset.  Ravit will help you Divorce the RIGHT Way- as you would a business transaction: by leaving the stories out of the equation and by not allowing your emotions to possess your divorce and sabotage your family's future. 

As a Divorce Coach, Ravit helps you navigate through your entire separation/divorce process. Her mission is to help you reach your end goal by looking at where you are right now and where you want to be when the divorce is settled. Ravit will GUIDE you, INSPIRE you, INFORM & EDUCATE you, SUPPORT you as your constant neutral partner and ENSURE you stay on your path towards your happy, safe and secure new life. All this is accomplished in an environment that encourages parents to CO-exist.

This is the dream that fuels her fire now.

What is Divorce Coaching and how can Ravit help you? 


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