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Ravit helped me see what were the essential issues in dealing with my custody case, in a very positive and supportive, but no-nonsense manner. It was really worthwhile talking to her.

- Rina R.

In the midst of my turmoil of emotions when confronted with abusive emails, financial stress, and emotional roller coasters of what is the ‘right’ thing to do with feelings of despair – there was Ravit Rose. Ravit gave me her objective intelligent perspective to a very difficult situation. I highly recommend Ravit for her insight into the difficult times of divorce. Ravit will not leave you hanging in your feeling of despair but will give you a solution to one or more events that have or may pop up in the future. Her straight forward analysis and thought are insights that I have found highly valuable and I am so thankful for her guidance. I have spoken to social workers, lawyers, and mediators and yet Ravit stands out as the one that provided concrete ideas to implement immediately and see immediate results in the ‘real’ world of divorce.

- Miss Fleish

Ravit Rose has coached parents who were contemplating divorce to those who were struggling to survive their nasty divorce.

These clients include teachers, social workers, translators, business people to attorneys.

The stories may differ but the struggle is all the same no matter where you live around the world.

I called Ravit feeling lost and confused and after a 20 minute conversation I had direction, reassurance, confidence and a solid plan. Not to mention I could breath again and felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. HIGHLY recommend her services.

- Vicky G.

If you need any information on Divorce, Ravit is the person to ask. I met up with her a few weeks ago, for some advice before going back to mediation, she is just great, lots of help. Ravit, is very easy to talk too, and makes you feel really comfortable.

- Antonella M.

Ravit had once helped me with my dilemna with some issues with the child support court judgement I have. I felt I had a great understanding and support from Ravit. I will not hesitate to reach to her again if the need arise again because Ravit knows pretty well everrything in that kind of matter.

- Denis T.

We all need guides when we are called upon to navigate uncharted territory. Divorce is very common in our society but also a mystery to most, because every divorce is personal and experiences, except for friends, go unshared. This book will guide you through the myriad of hurdles you will encounter and expose the stupidity, the frustration, the successes and more during and after divorce. This is your guide. 

- Murray Sherriffs, Eastern Canada radio personality