The CO2 Program©:

This program includes the combination of these 3 components that are absolutely essential for achieving an amicable divorce: Emotional, Parenting and Financial. It keeps the unnecessary drama and looping sagas out of your life! After settling through the vast array of your emotions and having regained your groove & finding the real 'you' again, we will educate, guide & empower you with everything you need to think about, know about, choose & decide on so that you are fully prepared for your divorce agreement.

Our focus is to guide you to learn how to CO-it all together with your spouse: CO-exist, CO-mmunicate and, most importantly to CO-parent. We detail the how's & why's AND review all the critical decisions that you must make from day ONE of your separation (which are often neglected by many families- leading them immediately to the nasty path).  Your children's well being is our #1 priority.

We guide you to find your freedom and independence in the most realistic ways and, help you avoid the common and costly divorce mistakes. By the end of the program, you will have a crystal clear path to easily follow aiming you straight towards your wonderful new beginnings. 

You will take all your decisions to your mediator who will draft your divorce agreement. Your greatest advantage is that you will have a solid plan that has been carefully thought about, tried, tested & mastered and, is proven to work for the entire family. Everyone will be content.

Your friends & family will be ridiculously impressed by you. They will be happy to hear your amazing news (rather than your nightmare stories). They will be pleasantly surprised as to how mature, reasonable, sane and level-headed you were. They will admire you for putting aside all the animosity and common divorce madness and instead, impressed at how laser focused you were on doing what is right for your family's well being. Your divorced friends will be jealous at how you were able to divorce so easily, not allow your emotions to sabotage your lives AND all this at the bare minimum cost! You will be so glad that you were able to protect the relationships with those you love.

​You will be the truest 'winner' in every sense of the word and an undeniable inspiration.



CO2© is currently only offered in English. An equivalent French program is currently being designed.

CO2© discourages high conflict divorces.

CO2© is an exclusive program.

 The CO2 Program© Is Ideal For The Following Parents:

– You are thinking of separating or one of you spoke of it and don’t know where to start and require more information on.

– You are separated and have not started your process.

– You went to mediation and you did not walk out with a signed agreement but you are both still civil.

– You have been in court and see that you have no outcome and are ready to settle amicably by changing your tune.

– You have not yet signed a divorce agreement and refuse to ridiculously drain your funds towards attorneys and be involved in a process that does not suit the entire family’s needs.

- You have no criminal record, no Youth Protection cases, no history of domestic violence or abuse.

This Exclusive Program is ideal for you IF: 

     √ You are a reasonable & sane person. 

√ You refuse to struggle to survive.

                                                  √ You deeply desire to have peace & quiet, safety, security, freedom,

                           independence and to move forward with your life.

The CO2 Program© is truly unique. This desperately needed educational program was created to help separating and divorcing parents settle their issues amicably and to steer away from litigation. We help parents get to the bottom line of the problems by digging deeper into the root causes of conflict that plague too many families.

  We are committed to: 

 √  Reduce wasted time

 √  Significantly reduce your costs

 √  Reduce the stress on the entire family

   √  Protect your children

With an increasing worldwide nasty divorce epidemic, parents are draining their monies towards litigation, children are suffering,
families are faced with exhaustive psychological issues and too many families are financially destroying themselves. If you don't want to be like them, contact us today!


The CO2 Program© Objectives:

Encourages financial independence for both parents.

Guides parents to strengthen the bonds between parents and their children.

Brings parents closer to freedom and a new outlook on their new lives.

Encourages both parents to deal with their emotional state by grieving properly.

Inspires parents to make the right decisions for the entire family.

CO2© is the proven method to divorcing amicably and moving on with your new life.


The CO2 Program© Is Centered Around The Fact That It Takes 2 Parents To CO-It All Together:

No parent should navigate this difficult transition on their own

Parenting together doesn’t end when your relationship ends

Most parents can learn to parent together even after they separate

Children do better when their parents are not fighting

Parents do better when children do better

Parents must learn how to effectively cope with their new relationship to one another

There are skills that help people solve disagreements

Parents can learn new skills







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