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Saving for your child's post secondary education is CRITICAL. Learn how parents and grandparents can BOTH take advantage of         ALL government grants (free $$). Liliana will discuss her exclusive loan program that helps you maximize your contributions to obtain maximum grants- WITHOUT having to pay a dime extra right now.

  July 20th: Building your Net Worth by MAXimizing your RESPs

  Facilitator: Liliana Danila




1. Looking at you:

- Understanding the cold, hard facts as to why you married your ex so that you do not repeat the same errors again.

- Healing from your pains so that your life can go on- do you know what really pains you?

- Taking a deeper look at the way you treat &act with your ex- releasing the pain that holds you all hostages.

- Are you afraid of your ex? Do you know why? Learn how to be strong and committed to you, independent and free on your terms.

2. Co-parenting in a high conflict divorce: living in harmony with your ex: 

- How to manage two homes with two people who have their own schedules.

- How and why you want to stop the endless fights, for your children's sake.

- How to deal with a difficult ex- digging deeper into psychological issues (i.e. Narcissism)

- Understanding why you and your ex argue all the time over every single issue.

- The deep-rooted problems as to why your ex is being difficult.

- How to keep the peace.


- What is collaborative law? How can it help you? 

- What is mediation? How can it help you?

- The differences between Collaborative law, mediation and litigation (divorce courts).

- How to mandate the IDEAL attorney for you 

4. Finances:

- Reality check: can you afford going to divorce court? How much will it cost you? How will you pay for it? Looking at your financial situation and identifying how these high fees will affect your future.

- Rebuilding your financial situation: avoiding uncontrollable and enormous legal bills, eliminating debt, financial strategies to start saving for your retirement and for your children's future needs.

5. Blended families:

- Are you ready to date again but are petrified of the thought of blending a family (meeting a significant other with children and living with them)?

- How to do this the right way.

- Each parent's role: from 2 parents, a child may get to 4 parents. How to tread carefully and keep the momentum and simplicity.

6. Grandparents:

- How to react after the parents have decided to separate.

- Your critical role in the family.

- Your grief and loss process.


  If you are a parent at any level of your divorce, this workshop series is dedicated to you!

  This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to obtain legal information from Maitre Johanne Dupont, Lawyer and Family Mediator. By registering for      this workshop, you will benefit from a group rate and pay a fraction of the price AND learn from other parents’ questions.

  All too often we see that people are randomly asking others sensitive legal questions. The problem with this is that we are also noticing   that the information they are receiving could lead them to thousands of dollars of LOSS and may potentially gear them in the WRONG     DIRECTION. Therefore, we decided to put this workshop together to provide you with ACCURATE information that will lead you in the       proper direction so that you can then make informed decisions!

  July 18th- Part 1: ALL about Child Support- FULL- REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.

  July 19th- Part 2: ALL about Special Expenses- FULL- REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.

  July 20th- Part 3: ALL about Mediation

*Limited spaces.